The Idea winners 2022

The Idea winners 2022

Abdel Rahim Khalil, Louis Evans, Joseas Santos & Harry Shim - 3DIY

Ahmed Hassan - New Zealand Tours

Alex Whitfield - Post-diagnosis Funk Buddy

Amy Leong - Camper's Kai

Andrew Lee - Paediatric Bedside Table Companion

Annie Yu - GROW

Anthony Kanon, Matt Sutton & Sebastian Zalkalnins - In Dev

Chad Reader & Blake Fernandes -

Chris McArthur - Power Flue

David Amann - Screen Time Buddy

David Amann, Connor Jefford & Emily McGivern - BioFilter

Emily Dick & Jade Harrison - SUS Drinks

Emma Frapwell - DoGooder

Giulia Harper - Desk For Designers

Hayden Richard-Marsters - Marketing Made Easy

Ivan Tarlton - Mana ōrite

Jackson Moore - Single-use Festival Tent

James Carrera-Sargant - The Vida Company

Jamielee Gilbert - Aroha Kai

Joanna Villar - Send Love Co

Joanna McDonald - Auckland Mobile Piercing

Laveda Pasang - Flo

Leo Dong & Vincent Lei - Gym Pal

Madeleine Astell - Better Boxing Bags

Mark Rous - Collapsing Shopping Cart

Maryssa Bates - Pillcolo

Maryssa Bates & Aletta Du Preez - T.O.D. (Tablet Of the Day)

Matthew Hill - Downtime - Sleep Awareness Campaign

Matthew Hill - H/S - Eco-friendly multi bottle

Matthew Hill - Evoke - Multi-use Laptop Stand for Designers

Matthew Hill, Anna Ross, Dane Chea & Kennedy Datson - Easy Eats

Nathan Fehr - Drinqclean

Nina Colebrook - Accessible For All

Pejman Karegar - Alzheimer and Dementia Assistance App

Satine Liu - Recycla

Sidharth Macherla - Uncovr: Machine Learning Model Auditing Software

Tessa Forde - Spoiler Alert

Tessa Forde - Dahi

Tessa Forde - Daily Browser

Xanthe Moore - Split & Share

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