Our stories

Our stories

Programmes and business competitions like CO.STARTERS and X Challenge have already helped to produce heaps of successful entrepreneurs - here are their stories.

Finding clarity through CO.STARTERS process

Nurain Janah is a proud Muslim Kiwi, with a mission to create an equitable world through charity Authenticity Aotearoa.

Developing a postgrad idea with X Challenge

Tessa Forde entered The Idea in 2021 and would recommend the X Challenge to students with even a 'vague solution' to a problem.

Gaming the stories - mythical VR

Game development led to virtual reality – a last minute final-year challenge in something unknown for Verradia Beren, who joined the CO.STARTERS programme.

Being a late starter in the startup world

Bernard Leong said he grew up with the mindset that he was studying to get a job not to create jobs.

All you need is guts, passion, and an open mindset

Before my X Challenge journey, entrepreneurship and innovation was never on my bucket list.

LILO is rethinking our food system one snack at a time

Using skills learnt from CO.STARTERS, Cleo and her co-founders validated their idea - and now their company LILO is helping reduce fruit loss one snack at a time.

EquipPro designer part of AUT Good Health Design

The designer behind EquipPro, which received the Runner-up and People’s Choice awards at X Challenge 2021, has joined forces with a group of staff and students

Passion for entrepreneurship and design

Sam Gray shares with us how his passion for entrepreneurship and design led him to become the CEO and founder for two companies.

Preparing entrepreneurs for success

The CO.STARTERS programme at AUT is helping aspiring entrepreneurs like business alumnus Geoff Holmes turn their ideas into a successful start-up.

The first Islamic mindfulness app

AUT alumnus Mohd Akhtaar has created Mindful Muslim, the world’s first Islamic mindfulness app.

Connecting bright ideas and industry

Bradley Hagan and Holly Sutich completed the CO.STARTERS programme and turned their entrepreneurial idea into a commercial product, Phoric - a clean energy drink alternative.